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Ceramica Del Rio Salado - Album 1

The first album is composed of photos from the factory of Ceramica Del Rio Salado. The photos show much of the processes used for creating the earthenware pottery. Below are two links to watch several of the young ladies painting the ceramics. They are amazing! Please note, Ceramica Del Rio Salado is the only company in La Rambla with a certified quality control system that tracks lots as they are produced. Please email with any questions.


Ceramica Artisitica Sevillana Antonio Gonzalez- Album 2

Our second album contains pictures from a Sevillan company founded by Antonio Gonzalez. Several of photos show artists painting the tiles.  The tile is colorful and comes in various terminations, rustic, semi-rustic and factory tile.  The rustic and semi-rustic are hand made tile.  All the tile is hand painted.  Please email us with questions. 


Stucco Renacimiento - Album 3

The next album shows collections of handmade tiles, with colors that are unmatched.  I love tile, and I have never seen collections where the colors are so evenly matched. If you want color in your home, Stucco Renacimiento is your company. The company catalog is available in pdf format by clicking here.  Prices are right, and we are ready to put an order into the works for you.


Le Specialiste de la Terra Cuite - Album 4

Here you will find photos of handmade terracotta tiles.  These tile produce special, unique, old world floors, either in traditional or antique finishes.  We also provide pictures of hand carved stone sinks, fountains, and shower pans.   Columns are available, as well as many other collectables that will make your landscape home in any century.