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Steve McCann

La Matilla 6

41907 Valencina de la ConcepciĆ³n

Sevilla, SPAIN





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Terre Cuite

Le Specialiste de la Terre Cuite produces top quality, handmade terracotta, which is available in both traditional and antique finishes.  In addition to terracotta, the company also produces handmade fountains, sinks, pillars, and doors.  All products are top quality.

Currently, the paypal buttons do not work for this catalog.  If you would like to place an order, request more information or samples, or request a price list, please email or call.  Thanks!

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Antique Terracotta 

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Traditional Terracotta

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Traditional square terracotta

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Terracotta hexagon - Traditional

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Terracotta octagon - Traditional

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Terracotta ladrillo - Traditional

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Terracotta - Traditional curved

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Handmade fountain

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Handmade sink

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Rectangular Terracotaa - Traditional

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Handmade flowerpots

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Pool deck