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Steve McCann

La Matilla 6

Valencina de la ConcepciĆ³n, Sevilla

41907   SPAIN




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Handmade and Hand Painted Ceramics

This on-line catalog is under development.  Effectively, this page is informational.  Eventually, the cart and paypal buttons might have meaning, but right now they do not.  Please email or call if you would like more information or price lists. 

The 'View Large Image' link opens a lightbox window which displays a larger product image and description.  


If you would like to watch a couple of short movies regarding the production and painting of the ceramics, click here.  Thanks!


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Collection Alegria Azul 

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Collection Alegria Roja

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Collection Ximo

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Collection Pequin

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Collection Alegria Verde

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Collection Fiesta

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Collection Normal Tomas

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Table plates




Plates come in sizes of 30cm (Ref 1105), 26cm (Ref 1066), 22cm (Ref 1067) and 18cm (Ref 1068)

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Table plates

Appetizer center piece - set of 5 (Ref 1184D)

product image Water Pitcher



Pitchers come in various sizes - 23cm (Ref 1037), 20cm (Ref 1038), 16cm (Ref 1039), & 13cm (Ref 1100)

product image Square Plates




Available in 3 sizes - 26cm (Ref 1141), 23cm (Ref 1142), 17cm (Ref 1143)

product image Oval Platters

Available in a set or separately in sizes 27cm (Ref 1101D), 22cm (1102D), & 17cm (Ref 1103D)