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Strategies for Purchasing Tableware


In terms of purchasing strategies, it is worthwhile to recognize consumers’ needs. When it comes to ceramic tableware, three categories arise - dinner settings, breakfast or tea settings, and glassware.

The table below provides a suggested table setting for 12 people, 9 people and 6 people.

While this is a standard method of understanding a table setting, our handmade, hand painted ceramics offer a lot of additional variety and excitement to a table setting. We offer many plates, bowls and platters that are useful for dinner parties where appetizers are served. Also, we offer kitchen items such as clocks, salt or spice storage, potato or vegetable storage, paper towel rollers, etc. We also offer a good selection of bowls (both round and square) that are useful for soup or salads.

A second organization or composition of tableware is for Tea and Breakfast. Settings for 12, 9 and 6 people are suggested in the following table.

It is usually also possible to buy these and other parts separately such as egg bowls, coffee pots, jam jars, etc.

Drinking glass sets are common. We offer various drinking glasses and mugs which can be formed into a set. We also offer several types of pitchers and appetizer plates/platters/bowls, etc.

We look forward to helping you pull together an order for your customers.