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Control of Lead & Heavy Metals     &         Registro General Sanitario de Alimentos


Cerámica Del Rio Salado is registered and certified by the Junta de Andalucía in the “Registro General Sanitario de Alimentos” – roughly translated as General Register of Food Health. The Register is to ensure and document the safety of food through all industrial processes related to the production, processing, transportation, serving, etc of food. Among the procedures related to this certification is the capability to track production in lots. This ensures safety and quality - any sort of glitch in the factory process is documented, which allows recalls and safety follow up. For more information click here and find it through the "Mapa de la Web" tab at the Junta de Andalusia website.

Very important for ceramic tableware are the United States Food and Drug Administration’s standards stipulating that lead levels cannot exceed three micrograms per milliliter. However, even more rigorous is the standards set by the State of California in a law known as Proposition 65. This law requires that manufacturers must warn consumers when ceramic tableware contains more than 0.226 micrograms of lead per milliliter.   For more information, follow this link to the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators which keeps accurate, up-to-date records of regulations.

Cerámica Del Rio Salado fabricates ceramics specifically for the US market that comply with Proposition 65. Our factory will provide, upon request, documentation regarding heavy metal levels in all our products.